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About Us

Who Are We?

We are a consulting firm of experienced and diversified professionals located in suburban Milwaukee. We focus on improving the operational effectiveness of process-centric environments that are paper-dependant, rely on functional divisions of labor and deploy outdated system architecture. We specialize in initiatives that result in the strategic transformations that our clients desire. Our executives have built several nationwide processing environments for prominent firms such as Salomon Brothers, Norwest Mortgage, Prudential Insurance Company, Metavante and MGIC. These businesses have produced over $3 trillion dollars of mortgage loans and generated over a billion dollars of market capitalization for their shareholders. We have a first hand perspective of the need to incorporate People, Process, and Technology into enduring and profitable solutions. Our success in facilitating numerous business alliances creates a trustworthy and insightful source of strategic advice for our clients.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our clients with executive level consulting services that deliver enduring and substantial economic value. To ensure a mutuality of purpose, we strive to tie the majority of our reward to the economic value which we help create.

Our Approach

We believe that the methodologies that have produced historic productivity gains in the US economy's manufacturing sector can be effectively applied to process-centric environments that exist in many service industries, including residential mortgages, higher education, and insurance claims management. All of our Senior Analysts are Six Sigma Black Belts, and they have applied their skills for manufacturing leaders such as General Electric, Rockwell International, Honeywell and Textron. We are sensitive to the fact that our Senior Analysts' skills are new to many process-centric environments. So, we deploy a collaborative style to mentor our clients' personnel in the deployment of principles and methodologies that simultaneously increase efficiency and improve customer experience metrics. More specifically, we help our clients:

  • Create the process architecture documentation that is required to streamline operations and determine the most judicious application of technology;
  • Evaluate and implement technology that will automate many manual tasks; and,
  • Gain direct control of the supply chain that delivers the raw materials necessary to effectively complete a process.

The pace of technology evolution creates challenges for our clients. We are not distracted by the tactical pressures associated with achieving daily production goals. We understand the need to blend robust process architecture, technology and human capital to optimize processing efficiency. We've been there, we've done it. Now, we can provide the strategic guidance necessary to help our clients transform their process intensive environments. Once a strategic transformation plan is in place, we help our clients by applying disciplined project management practices and tools to keep projects on time and within budget.

We firmly believe that a variable cost structure is a competitive advantage in highly cyclical industries. We provide strategic advice on ways to variabilize a client's cost structure through either outsourcing or off-shoring solutions. We apply the variable cost model to our own business. Our internal resources are augmented by a number of trusted affiliates that possess best-in-class technology and operational and process architecture expertise. We are gratified that a number of our clients have formed strategic alliances with our affiliates.

Our depth of experience and extensive contact network enables us to help our clients develop new business relationships and access new sources of capital. Our reputation has attracted the interest of private equity funds desirous of establishing a presence in processing environments that are susceptible to higher levels of efficiency. Understanding these funds' investment objectives enables us to facilitate the flow of capital to clients with solid business plans, motivated and successful management teams and aggressive growth potential.

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