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Reduce direct labor expense

Reduce Direct Labor Expense

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Increase revenue

Increase Revenue

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Improve asset quality

Improve Asset Quality

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Accelerate transaction velocity

Accelerate Transaction Velocity

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Process Architecture Tools

Production Time Summary (PTS)
  • Provides the entire organization with an accurate picture of the current production environment and highlights the tasks that are absorbing the most resources.
  • Defines the cost in time and dollars of each production task.
  • Completion of the PTS involves production employees and supervisors as part of the solution and gets their buy-in for process optimization. Formal time and motion studies are an option.
  • Provides the foundation for reliable cost/benefit analysis.
Optimized PTS (OPTS)
  • The OPTS evolves as a collaborative process that leverages TWC experience and the INPLORET task level database.
  • The OPTS:
    • Removes all non-value added (NVA) tasks from the PTS.
    • Identifies process improvements that are achievable through improved workflow and/or consolidation of job functions and elimination of a functionally structured labor pool.
    • Defines tasks that can be automated.
  • Provides an immediate operational lift because NVA tasks can be eliminated and some workflow improvements can be made with minimal capital investment.
  • Keeps the intended level of operational efficiency front and center.
  • Click Here to view a PTS to OPTS Migration Impact.
Task Level Detail (TLD)
  • Describes, at a step level, all tasks in the OPTS.
  • Once tasks are defined at a step level, management has a valuable tool to implement a uniform, top-down loan production process.
  • TLD acts as an accelerant to the attainment of the OPTS and serves as the foundation for rules authoring and process maps that will drive performance of Loan BuilderŪ.
  • Once the TLD is in place, all levels of the organization can effectively participate in process optimization.
  • As TLD evolves, it becomes a valuable tool to train new employees and cross-train existing employees. An effectively cross-trained loan production work force provides management with a tool to minimize the impact of inevitable cyclicality.
  • It is impossible to effectively automate tasks and steps that are not completely documented.
Infrastructure Blueprint (IB)
  • Optimizes the interaction of People, Process, and Technology - as specified in the OPTS.
  • Based on a realistic (vendor neutral) analysis of existing and available technology, including critical components of the Loan BuilderŪ orchestration layer - BRMS and BPM software.
  • Provides executive management with a graphic depiction of their strategic vision.
  • Provides third-party business partners with a clear picture of how they fit into an optimized production environment.
  • Assures sources of capital that investments are well planned and that the payoff - OPTS - will be achieved.
  • Consists of over 3100 discrete mortgage loan production tasks. Each entry coincides with a specific task performed in the processing of a loan.
  • The tasks in INPLORET encompass the entire mortgage fulfillment process.
  • All tasks are identified with a verb-noun syntax that succinctly defines each item in the INPLORET database (e.g. "review appraisal").
  • TWC can query INPLORET to provide Clients with detailed information on the duration and cost of each loan production Milestone, Job or Task.
  • The tasks can also be separated into verb groupings that allow Clients to observe the types of activities that absorb the greatest amount of corporate resources. Once this is understood, reliable cost/benefit analysis can be performed to evaluate the ROI on technology investments or process modifications.
  • Click Here to see some sample INPLORET Database Analytics

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