The Wakefield Company - Making It Happen

Reduce Direct Labor Expense

  • Eliminate paper and dependency on hard files.
  • Replace hard files with electronic files and disclosures that leverage E-sign and E-recording legislation. Adhere to MISMO and MERS data standards.
  • Deploy a robust set of proprietary process architecture tools that provide the step-level documentation necessary to define an optimized loan origination and production environment.
  • Design and build an orchestration layer (Loan Builder®) that consists of best-of-breed business rules management system (BRMS) and business process management (BPM) software to automate key business decisions and push work to the right person at the right time.
  • Automate internal and external communication via Loan Builder®.
  • Leverage the monitoring and reporting capabilities of Loan Builder® to ensure that top down process architecture discipline is maintained.
  • Eliminate functional divisions of labor and replace with a cross-functionally trained workforce that mitigates the impact of cyclicality.
  • Offload appraisal, title and closing quality control to a client-owned vendor management captive.

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