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Client Testimonials

"For over 25 years, The Wakefield Company has understood the strategic linkage between loan production efficiency and supply chain control. This intuitive understanding and their execution ability is a valuable commodity for lenders that seek to optimize the performance of their loan production operations."

Robert W. Murphy
Chairman and CEO
ValuAmerica, Inc.

"The Wakefield Company's INPLORE™ database really streamlines the important task of optimizing process as a necessary precedent to automation initiatives. As the old saying goes – you can only automate what you can document. With thousands of discrete and detailed mortgage tasks imbedded within INPLORE™, it provides solid process documentation quickly and at a reasonable price. It's been a great tool for us!"

Dave Vida
LenderLive Network

"The mortgage industry is rapidly evolving. Future success depends on the ability to differentiate the customer experience while driving down costs. The Wakefield Company provides insight, expertise, and the ability to execute. They're more than consultants; they're like part of the team."

Tim Owens
Chief Production Officer
Option One Mortgage Corporation

"In an industry where innovation has been lagging, The Wakefield Company is a breath of fresh air. I have not seen anyone come close to their competency in process improvement and technological capabilities to enable that process. With our partnership with The Wakefield Company, I am confident we will be able to continually eliminate waste in our organization to provide a superior customer experience at a lower cost."

James Marino
21st Century Mortgage Bankers

"It seems like every 5 or 10 years the mortgage industry seizes upon a new big idea. In the mid-1980s, it was branchless national lending, in the 90's outsourcing and the Internet and now it's the idea of using manufacturing techniques, such as Six Sigma and supply chain management to improve performance and enhance the customer experience. In the 20 years that I've known and worked with Terry Wakefield, he has been the mortgage industry's equivalent of "Johnny Appleseed" when it comes to big ideas."

William F. Campbell
Campbell Lewis Communications, NYC

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